I wish I were a tree…

Great ideas should be shrouded in simplicity, this is probably one of the simplest of ideas, packaged in a timeless box, soaked in the perfect concept.

Not only is is simple, purely creative, it improves our environment, the planet and the world, thats one heck of a legacy.

How leaders lose track of their dreams

How leaders lose track of their dreams

I was chatting with a friend recently who is Managing Director of a successful creative agency.  I have watched his business grow since its inception, 4 talented individuals, authentic and honest in what they wanted to achieve.  However ten years on, they appear to have lost the essence of who they were. How leaders lose track of their dreams.

Funnily enough he agreed, saying “we have grown rapidly in physical size and to enable us to support that growth, corporate structure and process had to be put in place to support the weight. However I no longer know who we are and how we got here, it is no longer what we set out to create.”

This predicament is true of so many facets of our society and it shows how leaders lose track of their dreams. I spotted this post this morning, it made me smile but also reinforced how easily things get out of hand.


My friend cannot see a way of recapturing the creative freedom and excitement that he had when he set out to establish his dream agency. The monster is now too big and it needs to be fed. He no longer feels inspired every day because he spends his days fuelling the beast.

Big is not always better, sometimes it pays to stay true to your dreams.

‘How leaders lose track of their dreams’ was inspired by an unknown illustrator Mr. President book in the style of the Mr. Men and Little Miss children’s book series by Roger Hargreaves.

The story of Donald Trump in the style of the Mr. Men and Little Miss children’s book series was first viewed on www.booooooom.com
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Merry Christmas to all …and to all a good night..

Our offices will be closed from December 23rd until Monday January 5th. We thank you all for a wonderful 2015 and look forward to creating exciting new relationships in 2016.

Christmas Jumper Day – has the mesage been lost?

A bit like Movember and The Ice Bucket Challenge, there’s a lot of noise about Christmas Jumper Day which is this Friday (12th December) but how many people will actually donate to Save The Children? The charity created the event in the hope that people wearing the jumpers would make a donation, but how many actually do? Asda are donating 6% of sales of their Christmas jumpers but given that they retail for about £10 each it isn’t a huge donation – hopefully the low price will trigger sufficient volume of sales to make it worthwhile. The majority of fashion brands that have optimised against a Christmas jumper search online though are not donating to the charity. We’ll be wearing ours all day, will you? Do your bit by buying your jumper from Asda and texting WOOLLY to 70050 for a simple additional £2 donation which will be match funded by the UK government.

Pinterest and Tumblr the fastest growing social media platforms

2014 has seen Pinterest and Tumblr leaving Facebook trailing in terms of new user engagement with Tumblr’s active users growing by 120% and Pinterest by 111% against Facebook’s 2%. Instagram has also slowed since the beginning of the year. Of course Facebook is bound to be reaching saturation point now that it has conquered the older market but if current trends continue it would show a leaning towards curating rather than generating material. As more people adopt social media there is space for those who prefer it to take a more passive role. All of this is great news for brands who have a good legacy of content already online, especially in terms of imagery.

something for the weekend

Something for the weekend

Thinking about relaxing with a good book this weekend? Why not take a trip down memory lane with a Ladybird classic revisited by Bag of Delights.

something for the weekend

something for the weekend

something for the weekend

something for the weekend

Happy weekend everyone!

HEIST Awards - Nikki Garnett

Apparatus Wins HEIST Award 2014 for Best Prospectus For Preston’s College

Well we’re back down to earth with a bump today after winning silver at last night’s HEIST Awards for best prospectus for Preston’s College. Of course gold would have been nice but we faced stiff competition from the UK’s best universities and colleges. The judges told us that they especially appreciated our strategic approach to navigation, the creativity of the content and the chatty but informative tone of the copywriting as well as the innovative touches we had introduced such as QR codes and augmented reality.

We were also thrilled to be on the shortlist for best strategic brand campaign but were pipped to the prize by Sunderland University and Manchester University. We had a great night with our clients from Preston’s College who were delighted, having entered many times before without winning. We are now working hard on this year’s prospectus, aiming for a gold at next years HEIST Awards event.

HEIST Awards – the countdown

The HEIST Awards are fast approaching. We’re up for best prospectus and best strategic branding campaign for the work we’ve done for Preston’s College this year. Changing the name and rebranding such an established college has been a complex and sensitive project to work on. The latest research coming in however shows that it’s working and the college’s brand reputation monitor is up. Fingers crossed for the awards event on 10th July when we face really stiff competition including Manchester University, Leeds College of Art, UCLAN and Nottingham University.

Bitcoin and expedia

Expedia to accept Bitcoin for Hotel Reservations

This week will see Expedia partner with Coinbase to accept Bitcoin as a currency for hotel reservations. 2014 certainly seems to be the year when payment is changing as ATM cards are routinely updated with contactless technology and PayM is taking over small transactions with people like milkmen who have routinely worked with cheques. We still know what ‘cash is king’ means, but we may need to find a new way to express it pretty soon – and as for ‘the cheque’s in the post’ – well….!

Good luck to all runners for the JWK Challenge!

We wish for good luck and kind weather for all of the teams running the Lancaster Half Marathon tomorrow as part of the JWK Challenge.

Planned and promoted by Apparatus on behalf of JWK, the race challenges businesses to run against each other as a relay in teams of 4 to see who can command their sector! A light hearted event with all proceeds going towards St John’s Hospice, it will also help the law firm to build links with the local business community.