Pinterest and Tumblr the fastest growing social media platforms

2014 has seen Pinterest and Tumblr leaving Facebook trailing in terms of new user engagement with Tumblr’s active users growing by 120% and Pinterest by 111% against Facebook’s 2%. Instagram has also slowed since the beginning of the year. Of course Facebook is bound to be reaching saturation point now that it has conquered the older market but if current trends continue it would show a leaning towards curating rather than generating material. As more people adopt social media there is space for those who prefer it to take a more passive role. All of this is great news for brands who have a good legacy of content already online, especially in terms of imagery.

Free wine on a Friday – we’re chuffed!

Enjoying dinner in a restaurant with clients last night, the conversation turned to Social Media. We thought we’d play around with the Wine Demon app and rated the wine we were drinking (a Mirror Lake Sauvignon Blanc which was incidentally very good). Imagine our surprise today when we received an email from Wine Demon saying that we were the daily review winners and they were sending us a cheque for the wine.

This set us thinking. Wine Demon is an app operated by Naked Wines. Why would they not simply offer us a wine of their own as a prize to incentivise us to buy a new case? This is the channel that most retailers take, using social to create revenue.
However that would have taken the social joy away from our interaction with Wine Demon. This is an example of somebody really understanding the social element. Our whole team is now inspired to review every wine they come across (it’s the weekend, there will be many!). Naked will start to gather more market and customer intelligence, we’ll have fun with the app. A win:win all round.

Nelson Mandela – how would he change the world in the 21st century?

Today is Nelson Mandela’s 94th brithday. A living legend, there is no doubt that he changed the world for good, but how differently could he have done it today using Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google?


Who’s doing well on Facebook commerce?

As Facebook continues its drive for world domination, savvy businesses are already using F-commerce tools to drive brand presence and sales.  Whether with a simple link to their main site, or with full transactional capability, here is a handful of the most inspirational FB shops:

Alton Towers – prebook tickets online

Diesel – perfect integration of Social Media for an expanded digital footprint with their DieselCam – yes they did it before Mary Portas.

FC Barcelona – leading the way with merchandise

The Boston Tea Company – making it easy

Heinz – our favourite – particularly clever.  They create limited edition items for Facebook fans and the page can only be accessed if “liked” first

Malaysia Airlines – book seats without leaving Facebook

Schuh – reaches its target audience via the best medium, as does Threadless

The key, of course lies in building an effective strategy that integrates both on and offline marketing from the outset. Different routes to market on Facebook are highlighted on Janice Diner’s ecosphere chart below which outlines strategies for direct sales on Facebook and other approaches that drive traffic to main sites via Facebook.

It’s fascinating and it’s certainly just the beginning.

Social Media – where to start

The ‘to do or not to do’ of Social Media for business. Where to start is a question that we are asked almost every day so here are the top 10 Social Media tips, courtesy of our friends at Apparatus:

  1. Choose one thing and do it well – don’t just plaster Social Media badges all over your site for the sake of it
  2. A good idea is to begin with LinkedIn if you are B2B, Facebook if you are B2C
  3. Twitter works well for tourism or distressed stock
  4. Don’t use Social Media as an overt sales tool – develop a social vision for your brand – how does your brand make the world a better place. If you’re stuck, that’s where we come in!
  5. Create an editorial strategy – plan 50% of your content monthly, allocate 50% for spontaneous reaction to issues
  6. Diary your posts – plan when you will update and put it in your diary
  7. Subscribe to a Social Media blog – econsultancy and mashable are our favourites
    8. Reach out – don’t use it simply to broadcast your message, find ways to interact with your customers, on other blogs or related sites for example – and always respond to criticism
  8. Give it time – most people are ‘lurkers’ and won’t respond right away
  9. Remember, you no longer own your brand, your customer does, so whatever you do, make sure you delight them

A Twitter Dictionary

Trying to keep your tweets even shorter … or struggling to understand what they mean? Use this Twitter Dictionary.

Response tools

@username = Reply to
D @username = Direct message
DM @username = Direct Message
PRT = Partial Retweet or Please Retweet
RT = Retweet

A – Z

abt or ab= about
b/c = because
b4 = before
BFN = bye for now
bgd= background
BTW = By The Way
chk= check
cld= could
clk= click
deets = details
Eml or Em = email
FTF = Face to Face
FTL = For the Loss or For the Lose
FTW = For the Win
fwd = forward
FYI = for your information
IC = I see
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IM = Instant Message
IOW = In Other Words
IRL = In Real Life
itz = it is
JK j/k = just kidding
JSYK = just so you know
JV = Joint Venture
K = okay
L8 = late L8er = later
lmk = let me know
LOL = laugh out loud
OH = overheard
OMG = oh my god or oh my gosh
OMW = on my way
plz = please
pple = people
ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing
shld = should
thx tx = thanks
TIA = thanks in advance
ttyl = talk to you later
ttys = talk to you soon
YT = Take your time.
TYVM = Thank you very much.
TY = Thanks
ur = your / you're
U = you.
V2V = voice to voice (chatting on the phone)
W or w/ =with
wld = would
wtf = what the f***
wth = what the heck
yr = your
YVW = you‟re very welcome
YW = you‟re welcome

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