Preston's College marketing

Whilst others have spent August on the beach, we’ve been working hard to finalise a bold new prospectus for Preston’s College.

Working with the results of months of market research into the needs of the 15-16 year old target group and their influencers, along with their feedback on last year’s edition, we believe we have come up with a publication that is inspiring, informative and easy to use. It brings the college to life using personal stories from current and former students that are told in print but also, using augmented reality apps, via video.

Drawing on our wealth of experience in the education sector, we have included significantly more course information which covers useful tips such as the items that a student will need to buy for each course; work experience opportunities; qualifications needed and future direction such as career options or routes to further study.

All copy has been written in a simple, friendly, informative style and extra indexing along with regular signposting helps readers to find more in depth information easily, driving them to specific webpages or telephone advisors who can assist them in person.

It has been a huge project but we’re all really proud of the result. Next stop… getting the new website live!