Preston's College marketing

Change is never easy, even when it signifies an exciting new future. As part of the rebranding process, Preston’s College commissioned Apparatus to help staff to understand the investment behind the new brand.

Breakfast presentations and workshops talked them through the market research findings of December 2012. This helped staff to understand current perceptions of the college and the need to challenge them. The rebranding process and its testing phases were explained along with a vision for the future of both the college and FE Education as a sector. Takeaway documents designed, planned and written by Apparatus included an explanation of future direction and a simple corporate identity guideline for everyday branding issues.

Feedback from the workshops showed that although many of the staff team had embraced the new identity, those who had seen it as an unneccessary investment now appreciated that the process had been thorough and that the execution was already researching well  amongst both new and existing learners and stakeholders.