North Lancs Expo

North Lancs Expo is an exhibition organised by Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce. It is held annually with over 100 businesses of varying sizes coming together to showcase the region’s talents. By exhibiting at this one event, they manage to target a number of audiences including

  • potential customers in both the B2B and B2C sector
  • potential employees from schools, colleges and other businesses
  • investors and fundraising opportunities
  • local and regional stakeholders

Apparatus is the Expo’s ongoing exhibition marketing partner and brand guardian.

What we do

This is a rolling project – we begin the next Expo as soon as the previous one is broken down. Every year we take learnings from the event which has helped the Expo to grow quickly since the idea was first established in 2015.

At Apparatus we develop the branding, signage, promotional material, and print. We work as an extended team with the Chamber of Commerce to help develop the event itself and we also manage other local media partners to ensure this is a community project that is shared fairly. These include photographers, videographers, print suppliers and a social media partner. Exciting plan are afoot for 2019 with an expanded footprint to cater for increasing demand from new exhibitors who have been attracted by the Expo’s renowned success.

  • Digital

  • Branding

  • Marketing

  • Strategy

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Business

What we delivered

Digital Strategy

Responsive Web Design

Ecommerce Web Development


UX Design

Web Maintenance & Management

Brand Strategy

Logo Development

Print Design & Production Management

Corporate Identity & Brand Implementation

Illustration, Photography, Video & Animation

Verbal Branding

Marketing Strategy


Content Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media

This is bloody brilliant.  Are you sure there shouldn’t be another zero on the end of what we are paying you?

Vicky Lofthouse - CEO, Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce