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Just last week I had a client return to us out of the blue after 5 years of a supposed ‘cost cutting’ exercise.  I didn’t need to pitch or tender or ever quote for that matter, which is even more weird knowing the client as I do.  We obviously did something right all those years ago.

I like to think it is because we had and open and honest relationship, we only delivered when the project was perfect and ensuring concepts were always hot, fresh and surprising.

Working creatively every single day we seek inspiration around every corner.  Sometimes we find it in the strangest of places as we constantly try to determine upcoming trends, listening to the whispers in the zeitgeist allowing us to be ahead of the curve.

Recently the whispers are repeating one thing, the phrase ‘authenticity.’  In an age of the curated lifestyle (fake news; post truth; corporate greed; corruption in trusted establishments; political unrest and financial insecurity), it’s no wonder people crave a slice of truth.

Authentic building blocks, cemented with creativity, capped off with a sense of humour.  Imagine that place…

Lets be honest – all relationships have a lifespan. So be authentic and gracious not bitter if they choose to move on. If you have done them proud they willcome back, it might just take a while for them to realise.

I wish I were a tree…

Great ideas should be shrouded in simplicity, this is probably one of the simplest of ideas, packaged in a timeless box, soaked in the perfect concept.

Not only is is simple, purely creative, it improves our environment, the planet and the world, thats one heck of a legacy.

How leaders lose track of their dreams

How leaders lose track of their dreams

I was chatting with a friend recently who is Managing Director of a successful creative agency.  I have watched his business grow since its inception, 4 talented individuals, authentic and honest in what they wanted to achieve.  However ten years on, they appear to have lost the essence of who they were. How leaders lose track of their dreams.

Funnily enough he agreed, saying “we have grown rapidly in physical size and to enable us to support that growth, corporate structure and process had to be put in place to support the weight. However I no longer know who we are and how we got here, it is no longer what we set out to create.”

This predicament is true of so many facets of our society and it shows how leaders lose track of their dreams. I spotted this post this morning, it made me smile but also reinforced how easily things get out of hand.


My friend cannot see a way of recapturing the creative freedom and excitement that he had when he set out to establish his dream agency. The monster is now too big and it needs to be fed. He no longer feels inspired every day because he spends his days fuelling the beast.

Big is not always better, sometimes it pays to stay true to your dreams.

‘How leaders lose track of their dreams’ was inspired by an unknown illustrator Mr. President book in the style of the Mr. Men and Little Miss children’s book series by Roger Hargreaves.

The story of Donald Trump in the style of the Mr. Men and Little Miss children’s book series was first viewed on

Inbound Marketing Certification

The make up of sales and marketing is ever changing, even we need to swot up from time to time. Recently acheiving our Inbound Marketing certification is no mean feat, but makes us an authoratitive educator when it come to such matters.

Mums are just looking out for us

Make Sense of all the Marketing tech

Find the work you can’t not do

(apologies for the double negative)
Flexible working is at the core our our ethos hear at Apparatus, if you don’t happy workers then you won’t have happy clients. Being Creative is all we ever wanted to do, and creating great things everyday, means we are one of the happiest agencies I know of. (although a bit biased) Rethink how you work!, to “find the work you can’t not do”

Scott Dinsmore quit a job that made him miserable, and spent the next four years wondering how to find work that was joyful and meaningful. He shares what he learned in this deceptively simple talk about finding out what matters to you — and then getting started doing it.

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Merry Christmas to all …and to all a good night..

Our offices will be closed from December 23rd until Monday January 5th. We thank you all for a wonderful 2015 and look forward to creating exciting new relationships in 2016.