A Twitter Dictionary

Trying to keep your tweets even shorter … or struggling to understand what they mean? Use this Twitter Dictionary.

Response tools

@username = Reply to
D @username = Direct message
DM @username = Direct Message
PRT = Partial Retweet or Please Retweet
RT = Retweet

A – Z

abt or ab= about
b/c = because
b4 = before
BFN = bye for now
bgd= background
BTW = By The Way
chk= check
cld= could
clk= click
deets = details
Eml or Em = email
FTF = Face to Face
FTL = For the Loss or For the Lose
FTW = For the Win
fwd = forward
FYI = for your information
IC = I see
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
IM = Instant Message
IOW = In Other Words
IRL = In Real Life
itz = it is
JK j/k = just kidding
JSYK = just so you know
JV = Joint Venture
K = okay
L8 = late L8er = later
lmk = let me know
LOL = laugh out loud
OH = overheard
OMG = oh my god or oh my gosh
OMW = on my way
plz = please
pple = people
ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing
shld = should
thx tx = thanks
TIA = thanks in advance
ttyl = talk to you later
ttys = talk to you soon
YT = Take your time.
TYVM = Thank you very much.
TY = Thanks
ur = your / you're
U = you.
V2V = voice to voice (chatting on the phone)
W or w/ =with
wld = would
wtf = what the f***
wth = what the heck
yr = your
YVW = you‟re very welcome
YW = you‟re welcome