Lancaster Royal Grammar School

LRGS is a nationally acclaimed school, known for its strong academic and sporting success. In addition to needing a suite of strong communication tools for boys and parents, it also needs to continue to influence stakeholders and third parties including alumni, government, peer education providers and potential sponsors and funders of educational programmes.

Lancaster Royal Grammar School Website:

Our Task

Lancaster Royal Grammar School

We were appointed to help LRGS segment its target audiences and communicate with them accordingly. We produced a new suite of communication pieces for students and parents both present and future which included prospectuses; boarding house brochures; videos; web design; web usability assessment and planning user journeys through the site. We also created the material for their major fundraising campaign the ‘Plan For Renewal.’ This included direct mail pieces for alumni and benefactors along with videos for use at speech days, open days, fundraising dinners and conferences.

Skills Involved


  • Prospectus design
  • Fundraising brochures & leaflets
  • Web design
  • Videos
  • Sports team kits
  • Careers information