Lancaster University Faculty of Science & Technology

Sci-Tech as it is known was feeling outdone by some of the new faculties that had been created at Lancaster University. A global award-winning establishment needed an identity to reflect its success

Lancaster University Faculty of Science & Technology Website:

Our Task


After a long tender process, Apparatus was selected to rebrand the faculty. One consideration was naming – it is known by its users as Sci-Tech – so although externally facing communication was corporate, we developed another level for users. Our brief involved working with a diverse team of academics, students and administration staff to develop an identity that they all felt encapsulated the skills and vibrancy of the faculty. Once we had created this, brand guidelines were built to enable the team to take it on internally. We the produced the annual report for the faculty and a series of student and alumni communication pieces to ensure that they engaged with the new identity.

Skills Involved


  • Brand identity
  • Identity guidelines
  • Annual report
  • Promotional goods
  • Department Prospectus
  • Student communication campaign