Caton Community Primary School

Caton Primary School is one of two in a large village. A dynamic new head was keen for a new look.

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Our Brief

Caton Community Primary School

As one of two schools in a village, Caton Primary School was struggling with falling numbers. Because it is much newer than the other school, many locals lacked a relationship with it and automatically chose the older Church school for their children. A new head had been brought in to try to address this and a new identity for the school formed part of her renewal strategy. We felt that the school needed to be more firmly integrated into the village so we chose its famous 1,000 year old oak tree to be its new emblem. This gained approval from the broader community and succeeded in raising the profile. The new identity was launched with an open day inviting people in to look around and now there is a steady increase in enrollment numbers year on year.

Skills Involved


  • Corporate identity
  • Branding