Shiny new website live for ShinyShiny

ShinyShiny has been a front running blog since 2003. Based in London, it is aimed at tech savvy women covering Health, Living, Gadgets and Shopping. After 11 years of success in its existing format, it needed a new platform and new look that it would cement its position in the hearts of thought leaders. Apparatus has developed a full rebrand in addition to the design and build of a new website. It was a huge job which included porting over 20,000 pre-existing posts from 11 years of the old site.

Multiple journalists work on the Shiny Shiny team from various bases and so we built the site in WordPress so that it was easy for everyone involved to access and update. Editorially it is overseen by the team who do the content marketing for the Content Marketing Association so we look forward to working with them to achieve great things. View the ShinyShiny Website.

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