Live creativity, breath creatively, and be authentic

Just last week I had a client return to us out of the blue after 5 years of a supposed ‘cost cutting’ exercise.  I didn’t need to pitch or tender or ever quote for that matter, which is even more weird knowing the client as I do.  We obviously did something right all those years ago.

I like to think it is because we had and open and honest relationship, we only delivered when the project was perfect and ensuring concepts were always hot, fresh and surprising.

Working creatively every single day we seek inspiration around every corner.  Sometimes we find it in the strangest of places as we constantly try to determine upcoming trends, listening to the whispers in the zeitgeist allowing us to be ahead of the curve.

Recently the whispers are repeating one thing, the phrase ‘authenticity.’  In an age of the curated lifestyle (fake news; post truth; corporate greed; corruption in trusted establishments; political unrest and financial insecurity), it’s no wonder people crave a slice of truth.

Authentic building blocks, cemented with creativity, capped off with a sense of humour.  Imagine that place…

Lets be honest – all relationships have a lifespan. So be authentic and gracious not bitter if they choose to move on. If you have done them proud they willcome back, it might just take a while for them to realise.